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Big Data and Innovation

March Newsletter


Creating Innovation Cultures in Companies: CEOs, People and Collaboration Tools

Article Written by:  Fran Chuan and Agustin Ramos

Link to the article:  Innovation Management

This article shares two key strategies that are proving most effective for CEO’s concerned with the rapid pace of change and competitive pressures, having to rapidly react and innovate: the development of a creative culture within the company and the application of new processes and technologies. In order to attend to these top two concerns and embed them in the business strategy, this article defends that innovation must be understood as a discipline – which requires rigor in its approach.


How Big is Big Data? Answers from Big Data.

 Link: EMC Solutions Big Ideas Video

Big Data Analytics is more than merely a technological advance. It’s a new way of thinking. In 2012, the world’s information totaled over 2 trillion gigabytes and that number is growing. This new data is unstructured for it is too large, too complex and too disorganized to be analyzed with traditional tools. This video explains what is Big Data and how it can contribute to create value for businesses when combined to cloud computing.


HANA and Design Thinking: Disruptive Innovation or Sales Strategy?

Article Written by: Tobias Brode

Link to the article:  HCL Technologies

Despite having rooted its business in the development of applications, Hasso Plattner’s SAP has recently unveilled their in-memory base platform making a paradigm shift in their strategy – transforming the software Corporation into a serious Big Data contender. The following article discusses the recent HANA database platform results and explains how the Design Thinking methodology has served to help SAP develop such innovative platform product.

Knight Foundation gives TED a $9K grant to advance the use of technology to turn ideas into action.

Blog Entry Written by: Kate Torgovnick

Link to the article: TED – Ideas Worth Spreading Blog

The Knight Foundation is engaged in supporting ideas that promote quality journalism, advance in media innovation and transformational ideas that foster the arts. This blog post talks about how this foundation foresees that TED – the nonprofit organization devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading – not only is worthy of receiving a grant to advance in technology, but the insights produced by each vídeo spread is data of priceless value.


Connecting: Innovating in Interaction Design and User Experience.

Interaction Design and User Experience Documentary Link: Connecting Video Doc

As technology and software development hurls forward, the need to innovatively think the future of Interaction Design and User Experience becomes a constant topic of discussion. “Connecting” is an 18 minute documentary that not only explores the theme from the perspective of some of the industry’s thought leaders, but also foresees how the new gadget’s technology have the potential of creating an interconnected organism – able to influence and determine new human behaviors.


Book Suggestion:  ”Taming The Big Data Tidal Wave” by Bill Franks.

Big Data is sprouting up everywhere and it is driving market competition – there is no ignoring it without putting your corporation at risk of being lagged. This book focuses on a step by step effective methodology on incorporating and profiting from today’s Big Data environment. Bill Frank is a faculty member of the International Institute for Analytics and Chief Officer for Teradata’s global alliance program – a true expert on the subject.