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April Newsletter


Stuck in an Innovation Rut? Try “Design Thinking”

Article written by: Sam Sliman, President of Optimal
Link to article: Optimal

Amongst the leading global software vendors, german SAP has set out on a charge to enter the realm of design-led innovation. The following article discusses how the Design Thinking approach become a strategy for the company – aiming to enhance creativity and innovation regarding the solution of problems and clients needs.


Mobile Is The Future of Retail
Article Written By: Rachel Deahl
Link to Article: Publishers Weekly

At this year’s SXSW one point was agreed amongst all: to what concerns mobile advances, retailers are behind. This article discusses what is ahead in the mobile industry in order to bring forth changes that will alter the modes of
doing business.


Infographics: How Power Users Use Their Mobiles
Infographics developed by: Session M
Article written by: Dusan Belic
Link to Article: Infomobile

A Boston based mobile ad company called SessionM developed two
infographics to show the behavior and trends of mobile power users.


App Suite Designed To Aid Elderly Smartphone Users
Link to vídeo: Aplicativos Silverline

In order to make access to smartphones more viable for elderly people, the Hong-Kong based Silverline developed a range of apps that make the vital functions of such devices easier to use. The whole Project was designed with a empathic andu ser-centric approach – with the help of sênior users. This vídeo shows a little bit of the Project.


The evolution of cell phone coverage
Article written by: Catalin Zorzini
Link to article: Inspired Magazine

The following article presents the facts and numbers regarding the evolution of cell phone coverage over the past 20 years. Do not miss out on the infographics that illustrate the development of our mobile society.


Book Suggestion

As a book suggestion, this month we picked the book “Teaching With
The Tools Kids Really Use” written by Susan Brooks-Young, which is a
great resource for educators that are willing to integrate web and mobile technologies and tools to classroom and curriculum.